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It was in March 2020 that a vast exodus from the Costa del Sol occurred… Leaving its mark on our statistics and monitoring platforms and equipment. As you can see, the fall-off in traffic in the second half of March until recently.

You may be asking yourself, what is life like currently in Elviria? You will be familiar with it bustling with energy all year round. However with the current COVID19 crisis, like everywhere worldwide, it has been affected.

Elviria is in the municipality of Marbella and the province of Málaga, and as such as of the time of writing this article (13/05/2020) it is still in phase 0, not yet ready in the eyes of the Spanish government, to have restrictive lockdown measures lifted. Having an untold impact on the lives and livelihoods of all people who reside on the Costa.

However some business are continuing to operate and provide services.

The ferreteria in the commercial center announced its opening, by prior appointment, this week:

Thankfully the restaurants have been kept, not busy, but not forgotten, by the loyal group of locals of Elviria.

Mini India has an offer on facebook!

Other restaurants, such as La Scala, and the Playwright are not yet open, La Scala was delayed by the decision taken to not transition to phase 1, and the Playwright are using the opportunity to do a full reform of the restaurant to open September 1st 2020 if all goes to plan. They hope to see you there.

Click the image for more information from the Playwright Marbella
La Scala using the opportunity to spruce things up. Click the image for the Facebook post.

The spirit in Elviria and along the Costa del Sol, among locals both Spanish and Foreign, is of acceptance and positivity. (If you omit completely what people say on Facebook!)

As we are permitted by law to be able to work during the current state of alarm as a telecommunications company, – for urgent matters ONLY – always with restrictions and with the correct PPE. We MUST take a special responsibility, our technicians between them could visit 30 + locations on some busy and long days in Elviria.

The photos below were taken between the commercial centre and Hacienda Elviria / El Manantial, and Los Patios.

Streets empty, birds are loud, and not much visible movement in the neighbourhood.

Elviria, in any previous year, would have just had a great Easter, and still enjoying the pre-summer usual hustle and bustle of locals and vacation homeowners, and tourists in general, if it has not been for this worldwide crisis. This year in comparison feels like a strange dream. Never have any of us seen something similar. Its sad, but beautiful in a way, for all of us, to appreciate how quiet the area has become.

However, this will not continue like this forever, and hopefully the “new normal” will bring an, although reduced, influx of willing, happy and safe travellers to the Costa del Sol.

This summers most not wanted fashion accessory.

The weather has been quite unstable recently, with rain occurring, in the opinion of locals who have lived here for years, more often than usual and the previous years. But let us hope with each passing day, the situation continues to improve, as does the weather.

13/05/2020 weather forecast for Elviria.

We also would like to share below a video from, the appreciation of the medical and police staff at the Hospital Costa del Sol. Muchas gracias a TODOS y TODAS las personas invulcradas. Thank you.