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As we enter 2021, we have become aware of some high fees banks are charging to send money from the UK, as a consequence of Brexit.

As an example, we have suffered on a few separate occasions when a customer is making the transfer to us, they accidentally apply these charges to us, and in effect, we do not receive the full payment, and the charges are considerable, with a minimum of 21€.

Example of the fees we have been charged in order to accept payment.

Here is how our bank have explained this:

In conclusion, we are forced to now reject any incoming payments from the UK.

For customers located in the UK, we still accept:

Revolut to Revolut. (ON REQUEST ONLY)

Direct Debit payments.

We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but this is due to the political and business effects of Brexit, and we must protect ourselves from undue charges that may be applied to us.

Any customers that have had this fee applied to their transfer will be notified by the 3 Feburary 2021, and instead of requesting the charges, we will deduct one-month subscription as an administration fee and to cover the cost of the charges.

Any questions, please consult with

Kind regards,

Erika Eva Strumpf.