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Never had fiber before at your home? You’ll need an installation appointment, please check our conditions below:

BlazeFTTH Fiber Installation for FREE:

FREE when contracting 30€ per month on an 18-month contract from the date of installation.


FREE for  100MB packages (280€) connections only, when you combine annual subscription payments with your installation.

This installation includes a TPLink ROUTER TL-WR841N.

Up to 100MB Connection – 280€ (IVA Inc) (23.33€PM)

 All routers connected to our network enjoy a lifetime guarantee, you have a spare waiting should you ever need, free of charge!*

Free installation is depending on location. Villas and Chalets have separate pricing, as do certain urbanisations. Please contact us for confirmation that you are in an existing coverage area!*

BlazeAdvanced Fiber Installation: 79,00€*

**Or supply your own router, should you wish. (No Charge)

1 year contract period necessary or annual subscription required.

This installation requires the installation of an advanced, powerful, Gigabit dual-band router. The speeds possible are as follows:

Annual fiber internet subscriptions:

Up to 100MB Connection – 280€ (IVA Inc) (23.33€PM)

150MB connection  – 300€ (IVA Inc) (25.00€PM)

300MB  connection  – 350€ (IVA Inc) (29.16€PM)

400MB connection –  400€ (IVA Inc)  (33.33€PM)

500MB  connection  – 500€ (IVA Inc) (41.66€PM)

Want the installation but no contract period?

Blaze Advanced Fiber PAYG: 120,00€

*An additional activation fee of 5€ per activation is applicable.  The activation fee is waived for periods of 2 months or more when paid together. 30 days is counted from the date of activation.

  • (*) ((Denoted above regarding replacement equipment)) Excluding obvious malicious damage, water damage, or theft. The damaged or malfunctioning router MUST be returned to us, along with the power supply. The replacement router will always be the same as the preexisting, due to network constraints.
  • Extremely damaged equipment is not eligible for a free replacement.
  • Community offers may be applicable in some urbanizations and locations, please consult with us for more information.
  • All speeds are guaranteed ONLY by cable connection to the router. Location and interference can provoke less throughput of data over WiFi at high speeds, reducing the reliability of speed. However, if you have any doubts we can arrange a check-up visit.
  • Direct debit payments are OBLIGATORY for all new customers, and for existing customers, by January 1, 2020.