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Recently a large number of our customers have been making a switch from the previous favoured way of receiving the Scandinavian TV signals here in the Costa del Sol, moving away from the “traditional” IPTV boxes that were not 100% reliable.

You can now bring with you your GetTV or Canal Digital package here with you to Spain or any other EU country.

In the case of GetTV and CanalDigital, it is a case of installing and using their official App using your existing subscription, in conjunction with a compatible Apple TV, to give yourself the best viewing experience. You would use the iPad to change the channel and control the TV via Airplay on the Apple TV box.

If you are already a Get customer, feel free to head over to their website and log in to give it a try if you have not previously.

All of these mentioned systems will work reliably and are working well, even with our minimum 50mb package, although we recommend 80mb, or if you are a more intensive user with multiple devices, 100mb+.


Alternatively, if you are a customer of Canal Digital, we recommend you check out their selection: