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8 years ago a system was installed within the community that enabled the transmission of around 14 UKTV and Irish channels over the coaxial network, the same network of terrestrial television that carries the Spanish television channels (TDT). This system for the British and Irish channels has been somewhat unreliable in recent times, and after many comments regarding the quality and reliability of these channels, we have been pushed to replace the previous system, and offer a more reliable and up-to-date solution, improving on what we started broadcasting 8 years ago.

Update 5 February 2020

There have also been some changes to our plans regarding the UK television broadcast, which I will explain below:

Due to popular demand, we have decided not to discontinue all of the UK channels, but to restructure them, seeing as what most people wished to have was the basic terrestrial channels and some news channels, we have taken steps to implement this.

We do lament however that we cannot broadcast the IRISH channels with sufficient reliability, so these channels will not be making a return, we continue to encourage people to use the IPTV method mentioned on our website to access these channels.

Currently, there are the following channels:

BBC1 (Standard definition)

BBC2  (Standard definition)

ITV1   (Standard definition)

Sky News   (Standard definition)




ITV1  (HD)

Channel 4  (HD) 

These are still operating on the previous frequencies, with the EXCEPTION of Channel 4 HD, which is on a different frequency (may require you to rescan). So basically these channels are remaining and will continue to remain, HOWEVER, due to the fact that many people requested some additional channels, we will be changing in the coming weeks to the following layout:

BBC News 24    (Standard definition)   (will replace BBC1 in SD, no rescan needed)

CNN                   (Standard definition)   (will replace BBC2 in SD, no rescan needed) 

Russia Today (UK)   (Standard definition)  (will replace ITV1 in HD, no rescan needed)

SKY News         (Standard definition)   (will REMAIN UNCHANGED, no rescan needed)




Channel 4 HD

So, this has the drawback that anyone with a non-HD compatible TV will lose the main UK terrestrial channels. However, we feel that there will be few, if any affected, and the feedback will be positive regarding these changes.

There is still a recommended alternative, viewing over the internet, as explained below:

There will come a small learning curve with the new system, however, the benefits are well worth it:

  • 37 or 40 channels, (depending on the system used) as opposed to the previous 14 channels.
  • Improved picture quality.
  • Improved syncronisation of audio / video.
  • In some cases, you don’t need additional equipment.
  • In other cases, you’ll need either a MAGbox, Chromecast, or Firestick.
  • Works on most models of Smart TV.
  • No buffering of channel test bars. near 100% uptime.
  • Catch up services available, not just “live” TV.

Here are the methods listed below:

FTA MAGBox – Firestick – SmartTV

This method, with either a MAG box (required the purchase of the same if you do not have one already), Firestick or Smart TV, to receive all UK FTA channels and Irish channels. Please contact us for more information or a demo of this service. This service has 40 UK and Irish channels, at a small monthly cost. (It can be bundled into your internet subscription, please contact us for more info). We recommend trialling this system for 24 hours before committing.

Contact us for a demonstration of this system in your home.

We recommend this method more for people who are less “technologically minded” than others. If all you want/need is a box to plug in and remote control to use, then this is the method for you. Whereas the other method below is a more “technological upgrade!”. We still recommend you could try it out.


TV mucho is an IPTV provider offering a full selection of Freeview. TV mucho is an excellent choice for receiving FTA UK television via any internet-connected device or television. You can try it out for ONE HOUR FREE every day, just go to and create an account, for FREE.

You can use this without any additional purchase of equipment if you have a Chromecast, Amazon Firestick, or a compatible Smart TV.

We strongly recommend you test and try this system, as its flexibility of trialling one hour per day is extremely useful for testing and see if the solution is an adequate fit for your television needs.

Pricing for UK when paying annually is as follows, the Irish package follows the same pricing structure

You can create your own packages and see your end cost via the website, just click the following link:

Or, should you want to use it on multiple TVs in your home,

and should you wish, you can boost your channel list with an extra selection of channels:

or, 2 screens:

or 4 screens,

The Irish channel selection is here below:

If you need more information, please contact us via Whatsapp on +34.666.394.707, or click this link:

You can also email

You can also call, however, due to our current workload, and the time it takes to explain any questions you may have, we may need to call you back. Ideally, leave us a message and we will get back to you.